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Head of Product

Head of Product



 A succsesful company located in Ramat Gan is looking for Head of Product 
Managing the team
Responsible for the success of the project
Conducting an orchestra - Managing all the elements perfectly.
Ability to drive processes and people in collaboration and positive leadership and not out of authority and hierarchy.
Working with relevant suppliers: receiving price offers, planning and verifying the quality of the products and keeping schedules.
Working closely other departments: R&D, Operation, Success and Marketing.
Measures for job success: Defining and monitoring KPIs to achieve the objectives set, standing in deadlines and project budget.

דרישות התפקיד


At least 5 years of experience
Strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio
Deep understanding and strategic vision on the one hand, and at the same time alertness to details, accuracy and the ability to produce high quality products.
High motivation and ability to manage workload and meeting deadlines.
Ability to build prototypes – build a preliminary model that includes the advantages and disadvantages and the ability to realize the future product.
Strong analytical, strategic and coordinating skills
High level English.
Experience in the world of Product marketing – knowledge and ability to conduct customer research while generating insights and translating them into products.
Familiarity with the world of online companies such as e-commerce, Gaming and forex - a significant advantage.
Experience as a programmer and expertise in UX (understanding customer needs) – a significant advantage.
Experience working with Jira - a significant advantage.
Experience working with multidisciplinary systems – an advantage.
Degree in computer science or engineering – an advantage.
Master's degree in business administration – an advantage.

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