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Principal Photonics Design Engineer


לחברת סטארט אפ בצמיחה דרוש  Principal Photonics Design Engineer
 - Responsibilities Include
Design, model and layout silicon photonic circuits and components

Focus on design for manufacturability; determine the performance impact across process corners, and thermal environment

Perform full-parametric and scripted simulations to determine novel design improvements

Work with the photonics test team in defining requirements for device characterization, debug and validation

Analyze measurement data sets to determine device performance trends and include learnings in your designs and models


דרישות התפקיד

 - Requirements and Skills

Hands-on experience with optoelectronic device simulations and measurements

Strong understanding of planar waveguide optics, both passive components such as waveguides, multiplexers/demultiplexers, tapers, couplers and active components such as waveguide detectors and modulators

Practical hands-on lab experience with optical measurement systems

PhD/MSc in related subject *and/or* 5 years of experience working at R&D groups at multidisciplinary and high-tech companies


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